Nearline Cache

Extend caching benefits to long-tail content with Nearline Cache

Fastly Nearline Cache offers longer-term storage without egress charges near the origin shield node. This means you can save on your origin costs while also making your service more resilient. Nearline Cache builds on our existing origin shielding and request collapsing functionality to reduce egress costs and add a safety net in case of origin failure. Combine with Media Shield or Cloud Optimizer to extend these concepts to multi-CDN deployments even outside of the Fastly network.


Simple set up

  • Automatically populates on the first cache miss

  • Adds an extra layer of redundancy so your end users can continue to enjoy requested content even if the origin fails without needing to add another vendor

Improve performance and control

  • Stores content close to the origin shield for an extended period of time and allows you to control what content is placed in Nearline Cache and the retention period

Save on egress costs

  • Avoid incurring additional egress costs for requests that would normally require a trip back to origin

Key features

Static, dynamic, and video content delivery
Instant Purge
Soft Purge
Capacity Reservations
Request Collapsing
Origin Shielding

Looking for more?


Media Shield for VOD + Nearline Cache


Nearline Cache Datasheet

Reduce traffic to origin with flexible & dedicated cache storage at the Fastly edge